Continuous Device Monitoring

Monitor Infrastructure with Cloud 304


We provide proactive monitoring of a hybrid set of applications and servers across physical, virtual and cloud environments..


Network port control, packet content analysis, file and data integrity checks, log analysis and other security actions can be monitored for you by our team or by your team.

Monitor More

Monitor more than infrastructure.  Security Monitoring, Business Analytics, and Configuration monitoring.  Custom monitoring design available.

No Down Time

Cloud 304 Monitoring provides smart analysis of the current state of IT infrastructure, the ability to predict potential failures and avoid down time.

We provide excellent hosting services to customers large and small.

Excellent Hosting

We will securely host your equipment in our secure data center or monitor you data remotely if you choose to host your own on your premises.  Hybrid solutions are also available according to your needs.

We not only offer the best services, we offer the most affordable pricing around.

Manageable Pricing

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Keep your data on your own premises if you like.

On-Premise or Hosted Monitoring

We will implement or monitoring solution at your location or provide managed remote monitoring solutions. Custom solutions are available. Call us to discuss.

Complete Monitoring Analytics

Every Device We Monitor Enjoys The Full Range Of Features

In today’s business environment, companies are constantly challenged
by fast-paced, ever-changing market conditions. Companies of all sizes,
in all industries, even Federal, State and Local governments
may find themselves desiring the nimble processes and technology of web-based companies. This may be to stay competitive or to comply with varying industry compliance standards.

Businesses store sensitive financial, personal, and operational data in enterprise application databases. As a result, many organizations are moving to a private cloud infrastructure that takes advantage of the cloud’s elasticity while maintaining control of corporate data behind a dedicated firewall. Monitoring plays a key role in keeping networks safe from external threats. With monitoring, IT teams can recognize a cyberattack before it gains steam and does real, lasting damage to the organization. Without such monitoring it may be too late to prevent a data breach.

CPU, Disk Space, Processes and Memory 82%
Network Traffic Performance 95%
OpenStack Performance 93%
Database Monitoring 100%
Storage Capacity 75%
Virtual Machines 95%