What is virtualization? In traditional computing environments, each PC and server is represented by a physical machine. In a virtual environment, the operating system and applications on each computer is actually a “container” or “image” that is managed by a centralized service. The PC or server has little to no information on the hard drive besides the software necessary to render the virtual container.
What if you could remove the costs and time associated with updating PCs? What if you could increase the productivity of your employee base by removing issues associated with computer performance or computer availability? What if you could centralize all of your computing-resource management in a single location (like the data center)?
And what if this solution enabled you to keep working in the event that personal computers were damaged or stolen?
This is what virtualization can provide you and where Innovative Solutions Technology can take you!
Using our next-generation data centers and Citrix ZenDesk software, our experienced IT consultants can help you transition from the costly PC support model of today to having your PC support, maintenance, and help desk centralized at the data. This can greatly reduce both operational costs and TCO of your computing environment. And what’s more, if an employee’s laptop is stolen or their desktop is damaged, they can simply log into their “virtual computer” from any other computer and keep working.
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Virtual Servers
Virtual servers represent “instances” of a server all located on the same physical computer. This advanced technology allows you to have dedicated servers without expanding physical hardware. For example if you want to setup a server to run tests, all you do is provision a new virtual instance and then take it down when you are finished—all without ever touching the physical machine. Virtual server management software enables you to configure how the virtual server interacts with memory and resources on the physical machine. Many companies use virtual servers to increase capacity or availability of an application when the software must be installed separately and each installation can only support a certain number of users.
Provisioning new servers has usually been a time-intensive task. From mounting hardware in racks to cabling to configuration and setup, it can often take days to get the new hardware in working order. But in today’s demanding business environment, new servers are sometimes needed in hours, if not minutes. That’s where virtualization comes in. With pre-defined “images” that you create (including both operating system and applications), you can quickly and easily turn-up additional servers without ever having a technician touch the physical computer.
Innovative Solutions Technology employs the latest in virtualization technologies to provide our customers highly-available, on-demand servers. Utilizing advanced management software, new resources can be enabled quickly and easily from our next-generation data centers.
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