Storage Virtualization (Cloud Storage)

What is virtualized storage? Virtualized storage, or “cloud storage,” is a large, distributed storage cluster comprised of multiple storage units tied together through management software. When users access this “storage cloud,” they see what they would normally expect—a drive letter and folders. The power of this solution is in redundancy and scalability. Objects in virtualized storage are spread around throughout the “cloud” and not necessarily in a single, logical place (similar to Raid storage). If one drive within the cloud goes down, the cloud still stays intact and data is still available. And when you want to add more storage, you simply
attach more disks to any part of the cloud (meaning any server that is configured as part of the virtualized storage). All the user sees is more disk-space.
Are you running out of disk space? Are you looking for an alternative storage solution that includes some advanced features like data de-duplication and redundancy? Are your storage requirements changing from month-to-month? Maybe even from day-to-day? Then Storage Virtualization may be the answer for you.
Innovative Solutions Technology’s experienced IT consultants can design a Storage Virtualization solution that can grow as you do and meets any federal or industry requirements. Leveraging our next-generation data centers and some of the world’s most advanced software, you can experience the cost-savings and benefits of distributed “cloud” storage with the peace-of-mind that your solution is being managed by some of the most experienced IT consultants in the industry.
Don’t fall into the trap of continuing to add hard drives and disks to your infrastructure. Let Innovative Solutions Technology connect your network and applications to the cloud and start experiencing the power of distributed storage!

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