Regulated/Compliant Storage

Unlike other businesses, yours may be governed by industry standards or federal regulations. Whether it’s HIPAA or SOX, you can’t just move data in and out of any old storage facility! To meet the sometimes stringent requirements of regulated electronic data storage and retrieval, we have oriented our entire storage services around delivering infrastructure, services, policies and procedures that meet and exceed commercial, federal and Department of Defense (DoD) compliance mandates.

Available through our leading, next-generation data centers, these compliant storage solutions and controls have been independently validated across a superset of commercial, federal and DoD compliance and regulatory requirements to include PCI, HIPAA, FISMA and DIACAP.

Innovative Solutions Technology utilizes SAS70 Type II certified managed hosting to insure that all required security controls and audit logging is in place making it easy for organizations to validate and comply with regulations governing electronic storage and access to confidential data:

  • Before transfer, backup data is encrypted and stored in a secured access controlled room;
  • Only authorized personnel with a valid named user account and need-to-know basis have access to customer’s backup data; and
  • Regulators have rapid access to a clear view of the chain of custody of stored information, should it be required.

Whether or not you understand the regulatory requirements surrounding electronic data transfer and storage in your industry, our experienced IT consultants can help you navigate through these sometimes-complicated waters and build a storage solution to meet any regulations that govern your industry.