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Openstack-as-a Service and Managed Services

Your data on your terms. Save time, money and stress with Innovative’s Cloud Solutions.

Managed Openstack on Fedramp Certified Infrastructure

Private or Hybrid Cloud for the Masses

Cloud 304 Openstack-as-a-Service

Implement your Private or Hybrid Cloud strategy on Fedramp Certified infrastructure and Innovative Solutions Technology Managed Services.

Cloud 304 Monitoring-as-a-Service

Monitor. Track. Prevent and Predict.

Continuous Device Monitoring

Monitoring your IT Infrastructure facilitates realtime data collection and gives you control. Our comprehensive monitoring solution offers storage, server, network, and log monitoring.

Managed Services

Don't pull your hair out trying to maintain your IT systems. Focus your energy on running your business.

Our goal is your goal.

With more servers and networks moving into the cloud everyday you can trust our engineers to keep your information systems performing optimally.

Professional Services

Our goal is to help ensure your cloud solutions are sustainable for the long-term.

Sustaining Cloud and Traditional Solutions

Our team utilizes a phased approach from initial consultation, project kick off, implementation and integration to design your solution from the data center to all key endpoints. Custom programming, support contracts and block time are available to suit your situation.
Openstack Configuration services facilitate your private and hybrid cloud strategy and goals. From that information, the necessary components of Openstack are built to your specified needs.
Openstack Implementation utilizes our trained engineers and market leading partner to execute your the process of standing up your Openstack cloud.
Moving to the cloud is not different so much different than you thought. You still need to support and protect your environment. Avoid downtime and the learning curve associated with implementing and maintaining Openstack. We’ll focus on Openstack, you run your business.
The White House identified continuous monitoring as one of its cybersecurity priorities. Monitoring identifies changes to systems and environments of operation. Identify all and monitor all networked devices. Identify anomalous usage and performance.
Control your private cloud no matter where it resides. Our solution allows you to view cloud availability and performance regardless of underlying virtualization technologies.
High Level reports for Business Management to review performance and trending information needed to make fact based purchasing and operational decisions.
Back-up data to federally compliant secure infrastructure for data that must meet strict compliance regulations such as Personally Identifiable Information and health data. Keep corporate documents and other intellectual property safe on your premise and with a secure back up copy.
Realize lower total cost of ownership by utilizing our managed storage and storage administration. Minimal IT staff resources can focus on other items than the day to day storage administration and troubleshooting.
Moving to the cloud is not as different than you thought. You still need to support and protect your environment. Even if you are not fully ready, we can support your existing equipment to extend its usefulness. Contact us today for a quote.
Consulting services allow you to engage Innovative for any and all parts or your project regardless of whether you are ready to fully implement a solution. Explore. Brainstorm. Subcontract. Our goal is to support you in anyway we can, listen to your challenges and advise how technology can make your processes more efficient.
Our Project Management is assigned to your project as a dedicated resource to implement all phases of your engagement.
Innovative provides Support Contracts tailored to fit large or small organizations. Remote monitoring, on-site staffing, hardware and software support or custom coding are all available as needed.

Fun Facts

We Love Our Jobs.  We Love Making a Difference. That Makes All The Difference.

Dollars Clients Have Saved

Always on the lookout for how to save our clients money, we research and test new tools and technologies with regularity to craft our innovative solutions.

Students Reached through Community Giving and STEM Outreach

Innovative Community Solutions sponsors and supports activities  to encourage youth and veterans in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.

Cups of Coffee Sipped Developing Cloud

Opensource supporters since the beginning, from Unix to Openstack.  We have logged the hours and coffee to save you time and frustration.

Group Photos Taken

Information gathering for the benefit of our clients has led to attendance at countless conferences, networking events and training seminars.  Of course we do this because we love our jobs!

Common Information Gathering

Our Team Will Ask to Initiate Engagement

  • In what part of the country would you like to servers to reside?
  • How much bandwidth will you require?
  • Public or private?
  • Will you need any IPV6 addresses?
  • Self-service or Managed?
  • How much disk space would you like each server to have?
  • Do you need backup?
  • Do you need Vcenter support?
  • Are firewalls needed?
  • Number of cores? Processor speed?
  • Physical (dedicated) server?
  • What level of monitoring do you want?
  • Do they have databases (if so which ones)?