Centralized Storage Systems

What is a Centralized Storage System? This is an inter-connected system of storage within an enterprise network. Sometimes referred to as a SAN (Storage Area Network), these systems appear as a single storage unit accessible from multiple points within the network. Files are stored throughout the system and managed by centralized software enabling the system to more efficiently store and locate files. Most centralized storage solutions also include advanced technologies like data de-duplication.

Typical storage expansion within the enterprise has often been to connect more hard drives to a server and make them accessible to end-users. Unfortunately, that is a solution fraught with problems. First is accessibility. If there are lots of users hitting the server at the same time, the performance of uploading and downloading files may be reduced. Second, is redundancy. A single server with multiple hard drives is a point of failure. Even if the server is configured with a RAID array (i.e., combining drives into a single storage container and then replicating it to another container), if the RAID controller goes down, the entire storage system becomes unavailable.

SAN-type solutions can resolve these issues by providing multiple points of connection to the storage and having redundancy of data spread across the entire system so that a failure by one element doesn’t bring down the whole system.

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